Evolve or Repeat? - It's Up To You

Evolve or Repeat? - It's Up To You

This week is all about motivation. Motivation, by definition means ‘reason/reasons for acting or behaving in a certain way.’ Many people aren’t aware that there are actually two types of motivation. Extrinsic motivation is where you find yourself motivated by external rewards like money, praise, status or power. Intrinsic motivation is when you are motivated from within to do something because you want to achieve for you and you only. 

Extrinsic motivation is weak and fleeting. For example - if we want to lose weight to fit into a dress, it’s likely that we’ll get fed up and pick another dress. But, if we want to lose weight and get healthy for ourselves, our will power will be stronger and we are more likely to stick to our plan and achieve our goals. 

Everyday, we have two choices - Evolve or Repeat. We can evolve and improve ourselves as people each and every day we wake up, or we can simply stay the same. The problem with staying the same is that we have to accept that we will achieve the same results. Evolving means that we can try more, work harder and reach higher than before.

Obviously, evolving seems like the better choice. However, evolving requires altering our  behavior. Each day we need to find the motivation to take small steps towards our goals. That’s where intrinsic motivation comes in. You need to do things for yourself, or else you are setting yourself up for failure. When your motivation falters, you need to be able to remind yourself why you started. In these tough moments, you need solid, strong reasons to keep going. If you are extrinsically motivated, this is where you will crash and burn. 

Granted, we are all deserving of days off and breaks, sometimes life gets in the way. It’s important to be kind to yourself too. But, each morning when you wake up, you have a decision to make - evolve or repeat? We know which one we’re picking - What’s your decision?