GoalDigger - How We Are Going To Achieve Our Goals This Month

GoalDigger - How We Are Going To Achieve Our Goals This Month

The M in March stands for Money, Motivation and Manifestation! My goals this month are to eat healthily to fuel my body, exercise more, and to establish a proper daily routine. We are not messing around this month, we are going to achieve our goals. How will we do this? Mostly through hard work, but check out our steps to achieving our goals this March!

Choosing Our Goals

Obviously, we are all trying to be productive, successful and achieve our goals. But, we are not trying to be stressed, run down and discouraged. In order to avoid this, we need to choose our goals carefully. Our goals can’t be too idealistic. It’s also important to make sure that our goals aren’t too results focused. For example - “I want to lose 10 pounds this month”, is an idealistic, result focused goal that, if this isn’t achieved it can leave us feeling discouraged and disappointed. But, “I want to eat healthier and exercise 4 times a week”, is more realistic and carries less pressure. It’s also best not to set too many goals each month in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Our goals should make us feel positive about ourselves. 

Setting Our Goals

So, we’ve picked our goals, now it’s time to set them. I don’t consider something to be a goal until I’ve written it down. This helps us to hold ourselves accountable. I use my Nonna Diary - 2022 Diary for this. At the beginning of each month, there is a section to reflect on the previous month and set our goals for the upcoming month. This is a great way to set our goals, because we can see them each day. 


There is a very fine line between holding ourselves accountable and beating ourselves up. If you give in to a chocolate craving or end up going out for lunch, all's not lost on your healthy eating journey. If you stay up to watch one extra episode of your favorite show, your brand new sleeping routine is not totally ruined. We are all human and sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes we just can’t help it. A little bit of effort each day is going to help us to build long-lasting, healthy habits and achieve our goals. I love to break down my monthly goals into small, manageable tasks each day that build towards the end goal. I use The Plan Notepad from Nonna Diary to set out my daily schedule, incorporating daily goals like “go for a walk” or “bed at 11”. Each day that you accomplish these small, manageable goals is going to build towards the end goal.

Reflection Time

At the end of the month, take the time to reflect. How did you feel this month? What did you achieve? Where could you have done better? I love the monthly reflection page in my Nonna Diary - 2022 Diary for this because it allows you to recognize patterns of behavior that might  be harmful. If you find yourself feeling low at the time of reflection each month, you can start to examine and rectify the reasons for this. If you find that you aren’t achieving the goals you have set for yourself each month you can begin to identify the behaviors that are behind this. 

I hope that these tips are helpful to you in setting your goals this month! Be sure to join our Nonna Tribe Facebook Group to be a part of an online community of women achieving their goals!