Sweet Dreams: The Ultimate Night Time Routine

Sweet Dreams: The Ultimate Night Time Routine

If your typical evening is all over the place and tends to end with falling asleep watching Netflix at all hours of the night, you can’t expect to jump out of bed into an organised morning routine. As the saying goes - “A Great Day Starts the Night Before”. If you've read our latest blog post, it’s all about a stress free morning. But, you can’t achieve this if you don’t set yourself up the night before. Don’t worry, we’re going to suggest some things that you can do to establish a successful nighttime routine and make sure that you get your days off to the best start!


Catching those Zzz's

A night time routine should exist with one main goal - getting the best night's sleep possible. It’s really important to allow yourself plenty of time to relax and unwind before bedtime. If your sleep pattern is a bit all over the place, it really works to make small, gradual changes. Maybe start by going to bed half an hour earlier, and waking up half an hour earlier too. Keep working on it for a week or two and before you know it, you’ll be a natural morning person! If you have trouble sleeping, the Calm app works really well to help you drift off, as does the Sleepy Podcast on Spotify!


Here’s the Tea

Tea can be a really comforting drink before bed. We’re not talking about Barry’s or Lyons, we’re talking about herbal teas that have minimal or no caffeine. We love the Twinings Superblend Sleep Tea. It takes a while to warm to herbal tea, so make sure you give it a fair shot. But, if you really can’t adopt it into your routine, Barry’s and Lyons make great decaffeinated tea that will hit the spot before bed.

Ditch the Tech

It can be really difficult to switch off the TV and phone before bed, especially if you’re used to falling asleep to Grey’s Anatomy on Disney + every night (we’re all guilty of it sometimes). Having said this, if you can manage 30 minutes tech free before bed, you’ll see an instant difference in your quality of sleep, how quickly you fall asleep and how well rested you feel in the morning. This tech-free time can be a great time to practice mindfulness, use some of those good skincare products you’ve been saving for a special occasion or even read a few chapters of a book.


We really hope some of these tips help you out!

Sweet Dreams x 

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