The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and choosing gifts can be a minefield. If you’re stumped, you might have tried the logical thing of asking Mother Dearest what she would like for Mother’s Day. This was most likely met with “I don’t want anything so don’t be wasting your money.” Helpful, right? But have no fear - Nonna is here to help you retain your title of the Favorite Child for another year! Here is our round up of the ultimate Mother’s Day Gifts!

Mother’s Day Gift Box from Nonna Diary

Okay - we’re biased. We admit it. But we also think that our Mother’s Day Gift Boxes are the best gift ever! We have three boxes to choose from and all of them come with your Mam’s new favorite mug and some lovely stationery bits! There’s even one for Soon-To-Be and New Moms! We’re a sound bunch, so at the moment you can grab our Mother’s Day Gift Boxes for just €19.99! 

Give the Gift of Grub

Now this is a present for you too! Give everyone the night off of cooking and treat your Mom to a nice meal out in her favorite restaurant with all of her favorite people! This is a great joint present between siblings - just split the bill! This is a great opportunity to support local restaurants. A voucher is also a solid option if you think your Mom would like to go at a later date with a partner or friend!


Perfume or some new skincare bits can make for a great gift! Keep an eye out for Mother’s Day offers in local pharmacies, you could be surprised at the bargains you find! If your Mom has a favorite perfume or expensive face cream that she loves, you can nab it for her and know that she’ll love it. Otherwise, you can pick out something new for her to try out!

Get Sentimental 

There are some great online and local businesses that create handmade, personalized gifts to let your Mom know how special she is! Check out sites like Etsy to see beautiful handmade pieces from independent sellers. There’s loads of sites out there that can take a family photo and turn it into canvases and sketches etc. If you’re feeling crafty yourself, there’s endless inspiration and how-to guides online. One of our favorite ideas is to make up a gift basket or hamper full of her favorite things!


We hope that you and yours have a Mother’s Day as fabulous as your Mom is!