Our Mission

Empowering others to empower positive change within themselves

Our Core Values


We thrive to create an inclusive community for women to strive, empower and lift one another to be their best possible selves.


Each product is designed to promote development in some aspect of your life. Whether it’s health, fitness, wellbeing, daily routine. We are continuously helping others, moving forward, innovating, and improving.


It may not always be a fun process, but we try to keep it consistent, motivational and fun from the moment you come across us on Social Media to finishing your first product and moving onto the next!

Behind the Brand

“Nonna Diary began in 2018 at my parent’s kitchen table! It started as an idea to help myself live a more organized and positive life. I had just returned home from traveling and I was feeling unmotivated and knew I could do more to help myself.

My first focus: health & fitness (I was quite indulgent and in constant “holiday mode” whilst traveling!). I designed a weekly planner & daily tracker and within weeks, I could see the benefit of writing things down and planning it out. I thought, why not share these tools that have helped me so much with others?

The first official Nonna Diary was then created focusing on health & fitness and once published, it continually sold out!

Nearly 4 years later, Nonna Diary has expanded into an award winning internationally known stationery brand. We’ve come a long way since a little dream at my parent’s kitchen table - Over 13,000 orders, our own office, employees, awards, engagement, 2 doggies! Writing things down has helped me so much and I cannot recommend just starting now and see where it takes you. “The scribbles you make now, can turn your goals into reality. You just need to believe in yourself”

So, grab a pen and let’s get scribbling!

Meaning Behind Nonna

The brand name “Nonna Diary” was initially chosen as it holds special meaning to my family name while also explaining a little bit about what we do from the get go.

As the brand grew, I realized the term “Nonna” also has another meaning - “grandmother” in Italian. Obviously as a newbie to business, I hadn’t done thorough research and at first had doubts of keeping the name but then I got thinking - there is an unintentional connection between my business and the meaning “Nonna”.

Nonnas often take the role of mentor and guide - providing love, encouragement, patience and empowerment. Always there to offer support and motivation, yet let you determine your destiny with their guidance. Taking all of these attributes into account, I could not think of a better way to also describe our brand.

I am blessed to have my two grandmothers still in my life and to have this coincidental ode to two of the most amazing women is an everyday reminder to keep going.

I could talk about my firecracker grandmother’s forever (have I mentioned, one of which is in her mid 90s and still running her own B&B!). They forever hold a special place in my heart and the brand Nonna Diary has grown from what they have instilled within me throughout the years.