About Us

Hello! My name is Clodagh and I am the Founder of Nonna Diary

Who am I?

Born and bred in Ireland, I come from the most beautiful place: County Kerry. Growing up I was always obsessed with organization (even though my mother begs to differ during my teenage years!) and stationery - my favorite part of school was getting to raid the local shop for all the gadgets for the new school term. Along with these, I have also always had a sweet tooth which brings me to my other love - chocolate!! Now you may wonder how all of these combine to become Nonna Diary, but just keep reading...

How did Nonna begin?

After my college years and travelling around the world whilst living in sand paradise Abu Dhabi, my sweet tooth was getting bigger; along with my waistline! When I returned to Ireland and hit back to reality: I felt unhappy, unmotivated and not loving of my own body and mind. So I decided to join a slimming group and wrote down my goals. I found that writing everything down kept me far more accountable but I could not find any stylish and cute diaries to suit my plan, so I decided to create my own little diary! Fast forward a few months; the demand for Nonna Diary grew and I decided to set up a facebook shop. Since then; Nonna Diary has grown from a little hobby to an award winning business with orders being shipped daily worldwide!

What do we do?

We create fun and stylish diaries & stationery to motivate you and help you track every goal. Whether you are day one of beginning to change your habits and essentially your life or years down the road of progress; you need the focus and constant accountability - that is where Nonna Diary helps. We want you to visually see your progress and in turn motivate you to see how successful you can be. We all need a little help along the path to success; Nonna Diary is the daily motivation for you to keep going.
We absolutely love that our Nonna Diary designs can help you in whatever goal you try to succeed in. Thank you so much for your support and may you kick ass in whatever you set your mind to!