LJ"Ever since I remember, I've been mesmerized by hair and makeup. Eventually I made it into my full time career. As the years were passing, the pounds were starting to pile up and I had to take a few steps back and put my life into perspective. I invest in brilliant hair products to use and make up to put on, but I treat my body in a way I didn't deserve. I needed to start investing in myself more; my mental health, my physicla being and my diet. You really do need to look after yourself from the inside first and then we can focus on all the other fun stuff like hair and make up! I learned that writing each meal down helped me figure out how to feel my best. I started out by tracking my food digitally on my phone but I found writing my food down - old school - with pen and paper helped lodge a more permanent vision on my tracking progress and achieving my goals. Thanks to Nonna, I've been able to keep on track with becoming a more well rounded (in the right way lol) person, mentally, physically and on my approach to treating my body in the best way possible."
- LJ

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SD"Just a girl on a journey to get happy in her own skin.
Over 8 stone lost to date. I want to motivate and help others
who have a lot of weight to lose. It's a very lonely journey when you don't have the support of family/friends who don't
understand that you're not happy in your body.
This makes the online community vital for people. "
- Liv


MM"Being a mammy of two can be pretty hectic.
I decided to join SW to become a healthier version of myself, whilst losing weight in the hope of regaining the self confidence I had before having my girls."
- Melissa

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SF"Like many of us, I have been on this journey many many times. With January being January - even though it's a cliche - I decided to "start again". Thankfully I feel something has clicked this year for a few different reasons. I have realized there is so much more to this journey than just seeing numbers on a scale. Yes, the scales are down just a stone so far but even more importantly, I feel better, I'm in a much more positive head-space, and because I'm back walking again and loving it: I'm starting to feel fitter. I think I'm enjoying it more this time and feeling more confident. I do it because I am doing it for the right reasons: to be healthy, fit & happy in my own skin. I am learning to to take the bad days with the good and use the good days as encouragement to keep going!"
- Fiona


SG"I started @thesynglegirl in February 2018 as a Slimming World insta-blog: recipes, weigh in updates, and all the ups and downs of being a 20 something single slimmer.
With time, I have found my voice as an all round Influencer and pride myself on being very real: lots of laughs but down days too. I especially do it for women who are struggling with their body image and self confidence. I always try to promote being utterly in love with yourself; no matter your shape, weight or size. But if there is something that you want to change, that only you have the power and that you are so worth the hard work, the effort and the self lovin'. With me, all I can promise is that what you see will always be what you get. My journey is still going on and I just can't wait to share it with you all!" 
- Seána

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EC "I started my weight loss journey last year with the aim to improve my health, confidence and be a role model for my daughter. I have lost 3 stone 4 lbs.
I am currently maintaining my weight loss which is a whole different journey."
- Colleen


SE"I started my healthy eating journey around 2 years ago. I was sick of feeling deflated, unmotivated and unhappy in myself. When I started exercising and eating a balanced diet, not only did I find my weight started to lower but my confidence and happiness reached new highs. Over the past two years, I have learnt how to love and support myself through this journey. While I have not yet reached my goals, I have learned that this is a journey and not a race. I have lost over 2 stone and while continuing to lose more weight, I am also learning to maintain a healthy & balanced lifestyle. My top tip that has helped me the most is meal planning, food prep and writing a daily food diary. This helps me to keep focused and keeps track of what I'm eating, my exercise and water intake each day. I also love to look back on this for some self inspiration on a slow week!"
- Kate

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SK"After coming back from 6 months in Australia, I was at my heaviest weight of 13 st 6 lb.
I started Slimming World with my Mum and have currently lost 1 stone 10 lb.
I have since become a Slimming World Consultant to inspire and support others on their weight loss journey"."
- Kym


FB"My Slimming World journey started 5 years Ago, 9 Months after having my Daughter I Decided I Needed to To Make a Changed to Give Her the Best Life I Could! Within the Year, I Had Lost 3 Stone & A Few Months Later Found a Love for Working Out! After a Couple of Years of Loving my New Lifestyle & Been A Much Happier Version of Niamh - The Best one Id Never Seen to be Honest! I Fell Pregnant on my Second Child, Continued my New Lifestyle into this Pregnancy & Everything Went Smooth but Once my Son Arrived I Completely Fell Off the Wagon & Lost Myself To Emotional Eating & Gaining All that Weight I Had Lost! I Yoyo’d For About A Year and Half After Having Him! I Eventually Told Myself this Needed To Stop & Since January 2020 I’m Back Dropping the Pounds Thankfully! I Had my Son in 2018 just After his Arrival I Found Nonna’s Instagram & Instantly Placed an Order and Have Never Looked Back! From Buying her Slimming World Diary’s, The Big Bundle & Now a Member of the Subscription Box I Can Not Recommend Her Enough! I’m Always Telling People to Buy From Her & I Sit Down with Mine Every Night & Fill It Out! Nonna Keeps me On Plan with my Weekly Meals Plans, Shopping List & Daily Food Diary’s"!

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SR"I have battled with my weight for years and have been a serial dieter. I tried all the plans on the market and would be successful in losing weight and then doubly successful in gaining it again. I joined Unislim for the first time in January 2019 and since then have lost over 7 stone. My journey is a continuing roller-coaster but my mindset has completely transformed!"
- Riona


BF"I am a lifestyle and beauty blogger. I review different products as well as posting tutorials. I do lots of lifestyle content on my Instagram while also undergoing my weight loss. I recently lost 4 stone and trying to lose more"!
- Siobhan

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SS"I have been struggling with my weight for most of my life, having tried everything. I have been a dancer for most of my life and also alongside working in a school, I do Weddings & Events! 2 Years ago I found Slimming World and was completely smashing my journey (slowly at my own pace) but something was missing. I have ALWAYS been a stationery lover and I wanted a way to jot my day down and jot down recipes or random shopping lists...and then I found Nonna Diary! It was like a match made in heaven. I am a stationery freak as some would call it, a pen, a notebook, a diary, another pen, a calendar, you name it and I am OBSESSED. With Nonna. I was able to track every part of my journey, my daily meals, Syns, exercise as well as write stationery lists, recipe ideas, anything & everything and all in the most cutest, high quality (and sometimes rose gold!!) stationery too. With Nonna, I am able to monitor and track my weight loss journey whilst having fun and living my best stationery queen life too! I want to prove to the world that plus size is okay, and I am over the moon to be a Nonna Diary Brand Ambassador as a plus size girl myself and prove that size doesn't matter, everyones journey is different and I am taking mine slow & steady!" 
- Stephanie


SP"I was overweight all my life and blamed having a bad fall at the age of 13. I joined SW January 2017 and the week of my wedding I reached my target 15 months later of losing 6 stone. Every week I tracked my food and it really helped me stay motivated and make the best choices to help with my goals. SW changed my life, allowed me to get my hip replacement as before I was always considered to be over weight. I'm now a SW consultant and love helping people reach their potential and change their life." 
- Stephanie

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DF"I'm still on my own weight loss journey, living it everyday and making the best food decisions I can." 
- Darren