Shape My Plan Diary
Shape My Plan Diary
Shape My Plan Diary
Shape My Plan Diary
Shape My Plan Diary
Shape My Plan Diary

Shape My Plan Diary


Shape My Plan is Ireland's best meal plan you can stick to. Easy to follow healthy family-friendly recipes that are flexible and achievable for your busy life.

This diary is designed for the members of Shape My Plan online app looking to go a step further with their plan and write their progress down!

Our mission is to allow people to eat the food they love and to permanently change their eating habits, not for a week, a month or a year but for life!

What's inside...

  • Shape My Plan Story
  • Goal Setting
  • Weight Loss Tracker
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Weekly Habit Tracker
  • Weekly Goals
  • Weekly Meal & Fitness Planner
  • Daily Food Tracker Pages
  • Daily Steps & Exercise Tracker
  • Weekly Reflection
  • Shopping List

Design Details: A5 size, wiro binding

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what is shape my plan?

We are the best online healthy meal plan website to help you reach your weight goals.
We offer a meal plan that you can stick to.
We provide you with 1000’s of recipes that are family friendly and all ingredients are available in your local supermarket. 
We will help you create healthy habits for life.

We are Edel and Marie, 2 sisters with a passion for exercise & healthy eating. When we joined the gym, we both had two different goals – Edel wanted to maintain weight and tone whereas Marie wanted to lose weight. We were both given the same meal plan by our gym instructor not tailored to our specific goal, no food variety or tasty recipes which we found difficult to stick to and sustain. We found people have different goals, body types, and dietary preferences and yet were all being given the same piecemeal nutritional advice. We then spoke to some gym owners and while they had the fitness side of their business under control they recognised the challenge they faced was that they didn’t have the time or materials to offer an individual structured meal plan to their members. With having our own families and understanding how busy it is with work-life, family and everything else that comes with it, it is simply time-consuming to plan meals and figure out what foods are healthy and what should be avoided other than the obvious!

Three years ago; Marie was 2 stone heavier, and was constantly making the wrong food choices.  Marie had tried every diet & weight loss program but would inevitably fail and go back to old habits. After much persuasion, Edel convinced Marie to join her in the gym and do a 6-week gym challenge. As part of the program there was access to a meal plan. Both sisters were given the same meal plan - even though they had very different goals. The meal plans were boring with very little variety and not sustainable with everyday busy family life. So Edel began sharing recipes and worked out how many calories Marie should be consuming on a daily basis. When Marie stopped thinking of being on a diet and took a balanced approach - she saw the weight coming off.

We put this plan into action ourselves using recipes from all different sources and Marie lost 1 stone in less than 12 weeks so we knew it worked.

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